Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ultra quick reviews

Comedy festival
Lawrence Leung learns to breakdance: if you are contemplating going to see one more show at the comedy festival then and go and see it. I cried not once but twice from laughing so much.
* Best of Edinburgh festival: Ok, but far from great. Much better last year.

New Albums

* Bright Eyes-
Cassadaga. I loooooooove all of Bright Eyes's albums except for this one. I don't hate it, but it's not up to the scale of his older stuff. The rawness in Conor's voice that I know and love so much is missing from this album and it's a bit too country for him.
* Arcade Fire-Neon Bible. I was addicted to the first album but unfortunately the second album fails to deliver as much variety and greatness as the first album. Again, I don't hate it but am a little disappointed.
* Modest Mouse- Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank: unlike the other two new albums this was not at all disappointing. I received it for my birthday over a month ago and it still on high rotation on my iriver and my cd player.


claire said...

I met Lawrence Leung at the Joanna Newsom gig, through a friend of a friend. Dave was jealous of his beard.

I agree about the arcade fire's new one (like it but slightly disappointed) and modest mouse (love it!).

Theresa said...

I love modest mouse, I'll have to check this new album out.

kristy said...

Claire, I saw him at the the 2nd obscura show, he obviously likes good music too.

Theresa, do check it out, it's great!