Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cradle Mountain and Sarah Kramer

We are going to cradle mountain yay!

It is going to be a challenge food wise though as I am not sure how we will go eating out and I really don't want to prepare all of our meals while I am on a holiday. Any veg*ns been there recently or anywhere near devonport or other surrounding areas and have any tips? Or have any suggestions for snacks/meals that I could make beforehand and take with me?

Speaking of holidays. Sarah Kramer is bringing out a new cookbook called Vegan-a-gogo which is a mini-travel cookbook and will include recipes from her previous cookbooks. She is looking for list of your favourite 'must have' recipes from How it all Vegan, garden of Vegan and La Dolce Vegan to include in "Vegan-a-gogo". I just emailed her and suggested savoury shepherds pie, perfectly amazing pasta salad and lentil quinoa stew.

For more details about her new book see her blog here


Theresa said...

I've always liked things wrapped in pastry as travel food. If you can make or buy some small calzones, pasties, or samosas. They should hypothetically be refrigerated, but I travelled through Ethiopia with samosas in the boot of the car for 3 days and they were fine. And they are yummy at room temp!

I've also heard good things about Full Meal Muffins from the Vegan Lunch Box, though I don't have the recipe. Maybe some googling would help?

I don't know much about where you're going, but if you can find a grocery store you can always just eat bread/pitas and hummus, or peanut butter, or vegemite if you're in a pinch!

kristy said...

Great ideas thanks!

I have made the full meal muffins and they are yummy. That's a great idea I think I will take them.

You have been to Ethiopia???

Theresa said...

Yeah, I went for my honours research. We stayed 2 weeks in the capital and 1 week in the countryside with a community of Rastafarians. It was so cool.

cristy said...

I found Tasmania (including the Cradle Mountain area) fairly vegan-friendly. It is a very foodie area and so people seemed open to altering their menus a little and making me yummy food.

My Mum always takes tinned hummus and crackers to places with questionable food options. Other good options are bags of mixed nuts and dried fruit, tetra packs of soy milk, yummy muesli, and things like muesli bars (carman's for example).

I hope that you have a fabulous time. It is so beautiful down there!