Thursday, January 10, 2008

Red Hill Market

Mr T and I ventured down to red hill market with some friends on sat. And we loved it. Or rather we loved the food we didn't really have enough time to really look at much else. I had read that there is a stall selling Italian donuts which are vegan and found them straight away. I was a little too hungry and a little too hot and forgot to take a pic but Mr T took a pic of them making them. The donuts basically taste like the jam donuts you can get at vic market minus the jam but are pretty yummy. I was really impressed that had a sign advertising them as vegan too. Here is a pic of them making them:

A friend of mine said that there are vegan crepes there. I saw one stall selling crepes but all of the crepe options had cheese in them and I thought there must be another one but decided to ask him anyway. I started by asking if the crepes had any dairy in them and he explained that they don't have any dairy or eggs and are gluten free too. If she hasn't have told me I would have never asked and would have missed out on having yummy crepes. I asked for the capsicum filled ones minus cheese and he threw in extra rocket, olives and avocado. It was yummy and reminded me of Indian Dosas. Again I forgot to take any pics. But a friend took a pic of me holding it so I just cut me out of the pic. It's better to have a crappy pic than no pic at all right?

Next, I had a mango lick which is basically a frozen mango on a stick from this stall, which was so great in the hot weather.

There were lots of other yummy food that I didn't get to try as we arrived at the market at 12 not realising that it closes at 1pm. There are plenty of fruit orchards and farms around the area so I was pleased to see lots of stalls from the farms selling things like cherry sorbet and blueberry balasmic vinegar and blueberry BBQ sauce.

It is certainly worth the trip there for the day as there are fruit farms, wineries, red hill brewery and lots of other places to visit around the area. We went to Totally Pure Fruits and purchased some organic fresh fruit and freeze dried snap pears at pretty good prices. Plus it is close to all of great beaches and it is quite pretty.


ann said...

Dropped by to say hi. I was down in Red Hill a few weeks ago and had a fun time at the brewery :)

harriet said...

yay, mornington peninsula represent!