Saturday, January 19, 2008

eThe Tofu Shop

The tofu shop is a tiny cafe and shop rolled into one. It's one of Mr T's favourite places to eat and I quite like it too. I always walk away feeling that I was served a nice home-style healthy meal that actually tasted pretty good. I also like that you can have lots of little bits of all dishes that they are serving. They generally serve four hot dishes and lots of salads and cold additions. The food is quite expensive especially for bain-marie food. The other downside is the manager/owner is crazy. He is anti-vegan because according to him we 'support petrochemical companies' and he has all these other crazy opinions too. Mr T and I just try not to bring up the word vegan or talk to him but it's pretty disappointing that we have to do so at a veg restaurant.

But it is worth it for their soft serve soy ice cream. It is so much better than normal soy ice cream in a tub. They only make one flavour at a time but continually change the flavour. My favourite ones that I have tried so far are the raspberry- rosewater and the coconut-pandan. Both are equally amazing! I was very excited today though when I saw that they had green tea. I've never had the chance to try green tea flavoured ice cream and have always wondered what it would taste like. For some reason I expected it to not really taste like green tea, kind of like the way banana or strawberry flavoured milk doesn't really like taste like banana or strawberries but I wrong. It was nice but had the bitter green tea after taste that I love with a hot cup of green tea but don't love with cold ice cream. Still I'm glad I'm finally got to try it.

The pics were taken with a camera phone but it is better to have crappy pics than no pics, right? The next one was our meal that we shared for brunch today which included a cold broccoli-tempeh dish, cold cucumber salad, cold potato salad, noodle salad made with a mushroom broth (my fav), zucchini-capscium baked dish, and a hot tofu dish with greens. On the side we had a extra bowl of rice, satay sauce and tofu dip. Considering the name of the place it is probably not a surprise that I love their tofu dishes and their tofu dip.

I just realised that I actually have pics from when we went there several months ago too. The first dish is Mr T's, he gets an extra bowl of rice instead of rice in his bowl. The second is mine and the third is the soy ice cream. Don't ask me what we had though, I forget :-(


Cindy said...

I have been meaning to visit this place ever since I saw the tofu soft serve on another blog! The different flavours sound fantastic.

I am shocked that the manager is so unsupportive of vegans. That really sucks!

kristy said...

Cindy, you read it before I got a chance to proof read it. I accidentally clicked on publish instead of save and hoped that no-one had seen it as there were a few bad typos.

Veggie Friendly said...

The food looks great! I'm so jealous of all the great veg / vegan places in Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

I think the food is over priced too and I believe the veggies come from a market west of Melb ~ cheap as. They aren't organic so that doesn't "explain" the prices.

For me the lesson is; just because someone owns/runs a tofu shop that doesn't "make them" sensible or cool.
I think the owner tunes in to too much right-wing radio and thinks the louder he blurts that stuff out the more right he is. Tofu Nazi.
(just give me decent food at an affordable price . . please)