Sunday, July 06, 2008

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I've agreed to make cupcakes for a baby shower/farewell party for someone at work on wed and decided to trial the carrot cake cupcakes from VCTOTW this weekend, boy I am glad that I did. I followed the recipe thinking that it looked like a tiny bit of batter but then I normally double cupcake recipes so I thought it might be that, but then I realised the texture was off too as I put the batter into 3 of the liners. I then did a bit of a google search and realised that others have had problems with this recipe and have suggested adding another cup of flour. I decided to do a bit of an experiment and leave the 3 original ones as they were and add half a cup of flour to the remaining batter and then compare. Here are the two types, the bottom one is made from the original recipe and was really oily almost like a deep fried cupcake and the above one has more flour. It still only made 8 small cupcakes.

Here are the nice ones with the cream cheese icing, which was yummy even though I only added about half of the sugar it asked for:

My only problem is getting the right amount of flour for the next batch for wed, has anyone tried with the 1 cup of flour and had success?

This is the first time that VCTOTW has disappointed me, it's normally like my baking bible.

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