Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have have 33 Aussie vegetarian and vegan blogs now listed on the side.

But am I missing any?

Also, where have all the vegan dark choc chips gone?


Louise said...

the choc chips are all in balaclava! my fave are the tropical source ones...though i have noticed the price steadily rising...

Léna, said...

blame the drought?

(i've noticed this too! and suddenly sweet williams is more expensive? some sort of anti vegan conspiracy? makes me nostalgic for my thievin' days)

Amy said...

That damn drought! I haven't needed choc chips in a while. I just use the McWhirters (The one in the gold wrapper with maroon writing) chocolate bars and melt them. I thought the Coles 'home brand' ones were vegan?

kristy said...

Louise, thanks for reminding me about tropical source, I have purchased them before from flinders organic.

Lena, yes definitely the drought :-)

Amy, they used to be vegan but not
anymore. I don't know what's going on!

drossolalia said...

Thanks for the add- right back atcha!