Monday, July 07, 2003

Dating friends...

A small study (an honours thesis) at my University found that when men and women are friends there are a few general rules. If both male and female friends are single than males tend to think 'why not...' providing they find them attractive, women on the other hand tend to think ' i don't want to ruin the friendship'. Of course this isn't always the case and if one or both are in relationships it completely changes the dynamic.

As a women with more male friends than female friends this has happened to me a few times, well three to be specific . Please bare in mind that i have plenty of platonic relationships with men too. Each time I've used the whole 'i don't want to ruin the relationship' line apart from this last one.


Dating a friend is certainly different. I cringe now when i think I've all the details he knows of my life, my sex life, relationship problems, insecurities and so on. There's no being fake, pretending, holding back, or mystery (well only a little).

Having said that i have no regrets so far. We have such an amazing friendship and a relationship between us seems like a natural progression right now.

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