Saturday, July 12, 2003

The pros and cons of accepting the position

* I have always wanted to try teaching English
* The experience of living overseas
* I love Honky children (they have to up there on the list of the worlds most adorable children)
* A full time job that pays more than what I can earn here
* I get to learn (finally) Wing Chun from where it originated
* I have no real career prospects here
* I have no major commitments that i have to get out of here
* I can learn how to cook Tofu the way they do
* Get to spend time in amazing monestries
* If i don't go now I may never go
* I will have at least one friend in the country
* Efficient PT system
* Travelling to China, and Macau.

* Vegetarian Orgasm
* I might miss out on experiencing the new location of Vegetarian Orgasm and their deli.
* Family and friends
* I will be living in the same country as my ex boyfriend (although i'm sure there will be no problem being friends)
* I will be locked into at least a six month contract
* Missing out on fruit and veggies that actually taste the way they should
* Not speaking cantonese (at least to begin with)
* Fruit juice, not cordial which they label as fruit juice
* The experience of being a gwaipo (term associated with female 'ghost person')
* Having to live in a country that proudly displays dead animal out the front of most restaurants
* Being in the same country as the central market and other terrifying 'food' markets (see here)
* Various smells
* Pollution

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