Monday, July 14, 2003

Ways to waste my last day before going back to work.

Read favourite blogs, surf the internet, and send various emails.

Have conversation with Mark about such trivial matters as the origin of the word: minestrone.

Eat slightly melted Soylati Mocha flavoured ice cream in front of the heater while watching Three guys and a girl (btw my brother looks and acts like one of the guys).

Vow that i should stop procrastinating and do various household tasks including clean room but quickly dismiss thoughts.

Talk to representative about the job in Hong Kong.

Pick up brother from St Kilda

Have long almost too hot shower.

Read a chapter of Harry Potter.

Spend equal amounts of time talking myself into and out of signing the contract for the job.

Send several text messages to selected individuals.

Check out my little sister pink and purple braces that were put on her mouth today.

Arrange dinner date with my fav dinner pal: Marisa.

Talk myself into accepting the job.

Start spending equal amounts of time worrying and becoming excited about the prospect that I could be living and working in another country in less than three weeks.

Start missing Australia just thinking about it.

Start devising a way to break it to my employer that i will be leaving in less than three weeks.

Start thinking, 'Surely I am crazy, what the hell am I doing?'

Write this blog entry.

This evening will probably consist of dinner with Marisa where I discuss the ins and outs of the job offer, veganism, and how much i'll miss whatever food we'll be eating. Followed by another conversation with Mark, more emails, and organisation of tomorrows lunch, some more net surfing and many thoughts devoted to this major decision I have to make by tomorrow.

Ahhh I think its amazing that my life can be so boring and so exciting at the same time.

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