Saturday, July 26, 2003

We are what we eat!

I wonder if most people realise who or what they are supporting by choosing certain foods. No I'm not just talking about animal products although i could quite easily go into a conversation about the dairy industry and battery hens i will refrain from doing so (pats herself on the back).

It seems that people are developing more of a conscience about supporting or rather not supporting other products such as clothing (from sweat workshops) or beauty products (which test on animals).

However, food related companies should also be examined. With McDonald's being a obvious example. But then there are companies such as Kraft (owned by Phillip Morris), and Nestle (associated with the life-threatening marketing of infant formula).

Not to mention Genetically Engineered Food, do we really want to support this?

We live in a country where we are lucky enough to choose from array of labels, and types of foods.

Furthermore, organisations such as Infact have shown how successful wide scale boycotting.

There really is power in choice. But what are we choosing?

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