Friday, July 09, 2004

From Lee Ching Leung's (Toby's friend) Porcelain:

'what on earth could grieve me more, than to be wide awake when the loved one is sleeping, to be separated from a young darling woman like her, dreaming in her travelling dreams... and what could ache my heart more than to witness 2 beings, me, her, separated by the human form'

Well i can think of just a few things!

I hate movies right now.

If this was a movie i could have listened when he said don't go, i could have turned back even at the airport ignoring the ticket i just re-brought and ignoring the fact that i have no accomodation options, job or money at all. I could afford to jump on the next plane to HK, even fly him here NOW.

If this was a movie we would be together now rather than waiting 2-6- 12 months to be together. If this was a movie him living in Australia would be ok, he would be able to find a job in melbourne and we could have our happy ever after.

In life though, i had to endure 'that goodbye', the pain, the constant struggle of trying to get motivated for everyday crap without him.

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