Monday, July 19, 2004

I must be in lurrve either that or crazy.
A friend just offered a relatively crazy solution to my' should he come here' or 'i go back' dilemma:
Whoever gets a proper (not temping or short term) job firsts stays where they are and the other one moves to that place.
Being the crazy girl i am it kind of seems feasible- even a good idea.
I'm not sure what happened to me but i've also become one of these people that will move for a man. One amazing, beautiful man. But a man all the same!
Another plan he suggested and later dismissed- i go back to hk for a year or two and that allows him to work on his English (for the record its good but certainly not perfect) and build on some sort of career foundation so that when we both return to melb he can get a decent job. This also seems plausible.
Its Toby birthday in September and i would love to be with him somewhere so we have also discussed him coming to Melb for a holiday Which i would love more than anything.
Money and lack of jobs is deferring us being together what ever we do.
This week i am determined i will get a job- no matter how crappy. 

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