Thursday, July 08, 2004

Re-entry shock

Thanks for the tip- Erin.

Why hadn't anyone else- pre warned me? Hell why didn't i learn about in my bloody psy degree.

My googling revealed: "Re-entry shock is simply the shock of being home. It's the reverse culture shock you experience in your own country when you visit places that should be familiar to you, but aren't; try to interact with people you should feel comfortable with, but don't; or face situations you should be able to handle, but can't"

You know you are having reverse culture shock when....

Feeling like a foreigner. Yes

Feeling like you've changed, while every one else has stayed the same. Kind of

Becoming critical of Australian Society kind of

Homesick for another home major yes

Feelings of Uselessness yes although i am hoping that it will change once i start working

Anyway the good news i should be over this relatively soon-ish.

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