Saturday, July 10, 2004

Last night
I had a drink and watched Super size me with Bryce.

It made me feel a little better somehow.

First hanging out with Bryce reminded me that everyone has bad luck, and Bryce seems to perfect the art of laughing in the face of his misfortune. We had a great big laugh out at financial problems, living with parents, and bad employment situations. Sick maybe but very therapeutic.

Second, John Robbins was in the movie, i looooooooooove him. Something about the way he writes that just makes me melt. I should probably explain he doesn't write some cheesy romance books but talks about the impact our diet has on the word. No thats not really the second thing. The movie has guilted me into realising i really should cut down on my crap lifestyle of overly processed rubbish and lack of exercise.

The good thing about HK is everything is so close that you can walk there, but that actually means you end up walking quite alot.

So plan B: will start cooking again (a little more than baked beans on toast) and trying to incorporate some form of exercise in there too.

As soon as i get a job as well i am going to start somesort of class- yoga, wing chun something.

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