Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Grates

I just bought their debut album partly because I like the couple of songs that I have heard and partly because of how cute their album back cover is (see above) and plus it was cheap. See how I talk myself into a purchase?

I just went to buy tickets for their show only to discover they are already sold out. Yes local bands sells out. I'm very sad now, I was looking forward to it after two reliable (as in good music taste) friends recommended their shows. If anyone has ticket/s let me know!


Melinda Casino said...

Kristy - I'm thinking about buying and reviewing The Grates.

They played at SXSW, so you can check Flickr for pictures of them. I've used a photo taken at SXSW to represent the Indie Music category at Suite 101, if you want to see them. (Scroll down to the blog part of the page.)

It's a shame they were sold out, I would've really enjoyed reading your blog post about their concert.

Harmonia said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments! My Grandmother unexpectly passed away last week.

You're new(er) layout is great!!!!

kristy said...

Melinda, I would recommend it as a bit of fun listening but not in terms of amazing music skills.

Harmonia, so sorry to hear that. Take care!

Melinda Casino said...

Well I'm always up for fun music. :D ;) Anyhow I ordered it last night from Amazon...