Sunday, April 02, 2006

You win some, you lose some: baking

I've had a strong desire to bake lately.

First the chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts from vegan planet(below) rocked.

There was a lot more that were gobbled up while they were still warm.

Then the chocolate cupcakes from how it all vegan, which were horrible. I've made so many recipes from that cookbook and loved every one but this one sucked big time. All you could taste was the molasses. Big dissapointment!


jlp said...

Thanks for the warning. I've been staring at that recipe and drooling for the past two days. Have you tried their recipe for chocolate bourbon pecan pie (or something like that)? It's so good, and yet still pure evil.

Michelle said...

i so wanna buy that cookbook! those cookies look awesome!!!!

tugboatcaptain said...
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kristy said...

jlp, I didn't know you were vegan, or had vegan cookbooks at least? I haven't tried it but will check it out now. Have you tried their shephards pie, it rocks (but I add more braggs than the recipe). Also the maply syrup icing rocks and I've heard from others that the vanilla cupcakes are great.

Michelle, they were awesome, I'm only started to make reciped out of that cookbook but so far so good! Btw, checked out your blogs your kids are adorable.

jlp said...

kristy, I have indeed tried their shephard's pie (again and again) and I, too, am very liberal with the Braggs! Good stuff. Now I want to make that icing. Yum!

I'm a vegetarian for the most part, but definitely a vegan when I'm doing the cooking.