Monday, April 17, 2006

The long weekend:

consisted of house work, immigration papers and lots of fun stuff including:

mock dishes at enlightened cusine with friends, drinks with friends, family lunch with a variety of kristy friendly food, picking up a new treasure, cooking, our family easter egg hunt, a visit to the acquarium, and going to the comedy festival (more on that later).

Here are some highlights (via pictures-part 1 since i'm getting tired):

How it all vegan pate, not bad, but not tartex!

Pesto after being frozen in new ice trays from ikea.

New treasure (yes one person junk is anothers treasure) being taken away.

The sign on the new treasure, up close.

And photos from the easter hunts. The family tradition involved the 'kids' hiding the adults eggs and the adults hiding the 'kids' eggs. For the record Mr T and I are still kids (him is his late 20's and me in my mid 20's). Each person has 8 eggs with a little sticker on it with their initials and they can only get their own eggs if they find another person's egg you have to put it back. As you will see below it does get a little bit more difficult than a normal easter egg hunt.

There are two adult eggs up this tree

My youngest cousin trying to get on down from a tree.

There are some easier ones too

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