Thursday, April 20, 2006

Roof at the RMIT Capitol Theatre, I have a thing about roofs

Comedy and women

I went to the Comedy festival on sun evening and saw Best of the Edinburgh Fest thinking at least one out of three should be ok. The first one was fine, the second was ok and the third was horrible unless of course you had a teenage boy sense of humour or you were drunk.

They summed it up quite well when they said before their first song:

women don't like this song, well bad luck

the rest of the routine was basically followed in well to that line. Imagine songs like 'I love it when you wake me up with a blow job'.

It got me thinking about comedy and women.

I've heard a lot of comments about female comedians not being funny and there seems to be lot more male comedians than females. Maybe that is why less female comedians less good ones.

I did watch several good ones though at the women's hospital benefit last year.

I'm determined to got to the comedy festival again and this time watch a female, any suggestions?

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