Monday, May 29, 2006

Baked tofu

I can't believe I have been vegan for so long and only just tried baked tofu.

I used a recipe from Vegan planet and marinated it overnight in a mixture of water, braggs (soy sauce), lemon juice and sesame oil and then baked it for almost an hour (flipping once).

I made it this evening in preparation for tomorrows sandwiches but ended up eating quite a bit.

Fellow veg*ns and other tofu lovers go and try it if you haven't already. Its amazing!

Now I just need to explore what else goes well with in a sandwhich.

Wish I could post a pic (but still haven't got a replacement voucher from insurance company)


cristy said...

Yum. I will have to try that. I am not sure why I have never done so before...

Harmonia said...

I'm always interested in my tofu tips! Thanks!

Melinda Casino said...

Thanks for posting this - it sounds interesting and I'm going to give it a try.