Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The new job

I started back at wing chun last week after a long long time off and went again tonight so at the very least I am exercising again.

I haven't been overly social lately (except for ann's party- don't u feel special ann?) and feeling pretty bad about it. Also, missing everyone!!!

The truth is one I am poor, and two my new job is taking up a lot of my emotional space right now.

Sometimes I want to cry with my clients because their stories/lives are so disturbing, sad, horrible, and just heart breaking.

The good thing about my job though is that with most of them there are happy endings well at least to one of their major problems and then I of course want to have a happy cry.

Most of the clients have found themselves in a very lunfortunate position at no fault of their own. Despite what society and the media might tell you. The best advice I got from a boss at an old volunteer job has therefore been really good to reflect on now:

it is bad circumstances, not bad choices

Often these people are living relatively normal lives when one thing or often several things all go wrong at once and then they are left as vulnerable as you get when I try to step in and help.

I've also been working on a uni grout project involving interviewing different refugees. Boy do they have stories do tell. One in particular was so charismatic as he told of both funny and sad stories. Maybe I will share some of the report later.

But back to the job, I do love it but it is tiring emotionally. Some days more than others. I know it will harden me a little, but I'm also concerned that I will get to the point where many do in the industry where they are either numb or just bitter 100% of the time. The good news is help is on its way. I have my first external supervision session tomorrow.

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ann said...

very special! thanks for coming :)