Friday, May 05, 2006

Very special socks

I went to buy nice warm slippers and instead come back with these very special socks. They are by bonds and yes vegan in case you were wondering and they have the little things (can't remember the name) that help to stop slipping.

And very warm!

And they look even better on:


Melinda Casino said...

Those are very cute! Love the green ones.

cristy said...

They are so cute! Where did you buy them?

Paul needs slippers and the only ones that we could find last night were covered in leather.

cristy said...

"in case you are wonderful"

Whether or not that was a typo, it is a wonderful turn of phrase!

kristy said...

cristy I got them from kmart in the regular girls sock area.

Big typo, i just noticed it too. Ohhps!!!

cristy said...

Oh, I liked it the first way...

Thanks for the tip. We shall investigate our local Kmart.

claire said...

The socks are adorable.
Tonight, I am going to try making the Purple Cabbage & Sweet Potato Soup, from your last post. It looks delicious!

kristy said...

hehe, we made it tonight too!

How did yours go?

I liked it although the whole thing turned purple.

claire said...

It was a success. Dave isn't too keen on Sweet Potato, so I used Pumpkin instead.

It did develop a slightly purple hue, I think next time I'll add the cabbage a little later.