Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nosy about wf-am

One of Mr T's old classmates is being really nosy about our relationship or rather me, heres part of an email that Mr T's friend sent to him:

you know what? suddenly your **** ****(name witheld for privacy) got so freaking interested in you and kristy. one of them (I never thought that he was a nosy one) added me in friendster, not for friendship but kristy's pics. I got furious. they found nothing in there and then came to me, asking how kristy looks like. I said australians are human beings like us, not aliens and don't be too curious. I told them I haven't got a single pic of her. dunno if they believe it or not.

I couldn't stop laughing after Mr T read that out to me, by the way K thanks for defending australians !

Another one of Mr T's friend asked him If I 'look like Nicole Kidman' he replied 'no, Kylie Minogue'.


littleoslo said...

Oh I dun like nosy ppl too @@ poor you hoho

tugboatcaptain said...

Ahh the famous little oslo! Mr T speaks very highly of you.