Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm food pictures

I've been getting lost online lately in the world of food porn*

It all started when I started looking through some of the links (she has quite a few) on Harmonias blog and come across:

Recipes from a gluten free goddess in particular her Purple-cabbage-sweet-potato-soup. I have a big thing for pictures of yummy food, in particular colourful yummy food.

Other Favs I've since found include:
Fat Free Vegan
Vive le Vegan
Let's Get Sconed
Eat Air

And of course old favs include:
Vegan Lunch Box
Asian Vegan
What the hell does a vegan eat?

What are your fav food blogs?

*porn: I hate the use of this word even in a playful way but it was all I could think of, I welcome suggestions for alternatives.

1 comment:

Harmonia said...

Thanks for the blog pimp!

Glad you enjoy the links section on my blog! Also glad we enjoy some of the same vegan sites!

I have been a posting fool today! Swing by again when you can!