Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some evenings are just not meant to be

I was enjoying having the place to myself tonight and playing some music Mr T doesn't really care for, getting my net time, cooking the best smelling pumpkin soup and being quite productive too.

My neighbour invited me up for a glass of wine and we chatted and one glass quickly become a few while I was waiting for soup to be ready. I returned to my place turned off the soup which was perfect in every way except I felt it was missing some bread.

I then decided that I had to have bread that very minute especially since I'm hooked on potts bread. I asked my neighbour if she wanted anything from the supermarket and she said no but was concerned that I would be walking by myself at night. I explained that I couldn't drive either so we reached a compromise of me riding my bike. Yes riding a bike slightly tipsy sounded ok to me. However, my tires were really flat so I slowly pumped them and then set off thinking how great it was riding with so few cars on the road.

I got to the supermarket safely and slowly got my bread, some chocolate and other goodies and walked out to unlock my bike and discovered that I didn't have my keys. I looked and looked and looked and finally proceeded to walk home following my steps. I didn't find my keys and I attempted to call Mr T but he didn't answer and I knew he wouldn't be home to late anyway. My neighbour allowed me to stay at her place as long as I needed to. I waited for about an hour and then remembered that Mr T recently gave a spare key to my mother so I called her up only to discover that she couldn't find the spare either. In the meantime Mr T called me back and replied that it would be over an hour til he would be home. I then discovered that my neighbour had actually fell asleep. My mother called to say that she still couldn't remember what she did with the key. Mr T called again saying that he actually didn't have keys on him as he left them in the apartment this morning. I was just contemplating how much a locksmith would be and whether I could actually find one at 10pm and what I should do about my asleep neighbour, and what the etiquette is for a situation like that and whether I should leave and wait downstairs in the cold when my mother finally called to say that she had found the key.

I've just walked in the door a little before 11 it's been almost 3 hours since I set off to the supermarket my soup is now cold and I don't even feel like the bread anymore. My bike is still at the supermarket and I'm too exhausted to go and get it right now so I hope it doesn't get stolen. I also found a huge cockroach in our bathroom.

The lessons from all this:

a) perhaps not a good idea to drink on week nights
b) never drink and ride
c) give a spare key to my neighbour


cristy said...

Oh you poor thing! Thank goodness you get along well with your neighbour.

claire said...

bugger! glad you got back home safe though.
have you been back to the supermarket to retrieve your bike?

kristy said...

yes it is safe and sound at home now thanks god!