Monday, February 18, 2008

2nd trip to Tasmania

When we arrived there were a few hiccups with our accommodation and so my brother decided we should spend the night in Hobart. Mr T and I thought that was a great idea, not because we really wanted to see Hobart again but because of Sirens. Or rather to have Siren's vegan chocolate mousse cake again. Thankfully they still have the cake on the special menu. Although this time with no sorbet, it was still amazing:

Mr T decided to have the lychees with carrot and ginger jelly and orange lime syrup which is on the standard menu. It was great, although not up to the cakes standards in my opinion.

The mains below were good but far from great and not worth their high prices. I've forgotten the name of the first one but it has a harissa sauce and it was way too spicy for me. The second one is the smoked tofu.

While we were in Hobart we had brunch at tricycle cafe again since Mr T had already tried and loved their coffee. We had the hippie sandwich which is basically a smoked tofu salad sandwich with hummus. Normally it has beetroot in it but they ran out and put avocado in it instead. There was also fennel or some sort of herb in it. It was surprisingly a really great sandwich.

On the way out of Hobart we stopped at a very beautiful town called Richmond and found a pizza shop that sold vegetarian pizza with roasted sweet potato on it. It was really great and come in this cute box.

Other food features, included the Christmas Hills raspberry farm where I had raspberry sorbet, raspberry soft drink and they had a lentil burger on their menu which was ok but pretty impressive for rural Tasmania. Mr T was very impressed with his raspberry soy latte too. Plus the cafe overlooked the pretty farm and we took some raspberry sauce, raspberry and peppermint tea and raspberry jam home with us. Can you tell I like raspberries?

We also had a yummy noodle salad at Launceston's vegetarian Fresh cafe, their prices were a little high though. I guess though when your the town's only veg restaurant you can afford to be expensive.

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Theresa said...

It doesn't get much more fresh and local than eating at the farm, does it?

It looks like you ate pretty well on your trip!