Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Liquid meals?

This time next week, I will have my wisdom teeth removed and will need to live on liquid meals for probably a couple of days. So far I have thought of:

soy ice cream (my fav option so far)
mashed potatoes

what else can I eat?

Does anyone have any amazing tasty and nutritious soup recipes? So far all I can think of is the lentil quinoa stew from la dolce vegan which has lentils, vegetables and quinoa (the super grain).

Did I mention that I'm not a soup fan at all.

I love crunchy foods: pretzels, corn chips, nuts etc :-(


Cindy said...

Heal fast, Kristy! I had mine out last year (and summarised my eating experiences here). If you're anything like me, the ice-cream will be a god-send. Get some smooth (no lumpy fruit) soy yoghurt too, if you like it. I flavoured it with smooth seedless jam.

Some people (such as my brother) are back eating almost normally in a couple of days, but I swelled up badly and couldn't eat normally even after a week! (Couldn't even cope with mashed potato until day 4.) Even though you're not a fan, I'd suggest preparing a completely smooth soup (no quinoa or other bits) to start with. The lack of crunch drove me INSANE - I craved crackers so badly.

After all that sad food news, the more important thing is that it's a completely routine procedure and you'll probably not experience much pain at all. Stock up on your favourite DVDs and put your feet up!

Cindy said...

Oh crap, I just read some of the comments at the end of the post I linked to... don't pay any attention! It really shouldn't hurt much, they send you home with excellent painkillers! I only used the hard stuff for 24 hours before just taking the occasional Panadol. It was the pain of no crackers that I remember much more vividly. :-P

Anonymous said...

Completely unexciting but for soup, dhal has everything you need: delicious, nutritious and digestible. Forgo the usual rice accompaniment and throw some pumpkin or sweet potato in to make it super-appealing. Follow with many litres of soy ice cream for best results.

Theresa said...

Maybe you can eat hummus by the spoonful?

Hope you heal very quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I sympathise. When I had mine out I was fed up with soup by the end of it and wanted a violet crumble, and I am very fond of soup!

I have a yummy tomato soup recipe which I will email to you. You can also mash other vegetables, like sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, etc. I did that and it provided a nice variation. I also snacked on bottles or cans of baby food. It's not the tastiest thing around, but it was quick and easy.

Relax, hire a bunch of dvd's and take it easy. I'm sure your boy will take excellent care of you. Mine did when I went through it.


kristy said...

Wow, thanks fro all of your responses and suggestions.

Cindy, the pumpkin soups in your post looks great. I have been trying to get as much crunch as I can in the lead up to the removal.

Urban, I forgot about dhal, that's a good idea.

Theresa, I did think of dips but without anything to dip with, I think it will be a bit too much. Although, I have thought of eating mashed avocado plain since I love it so much.

Claire, tomato soup would be great.