Monday, February 04, 2008

Too many onions

What do you do when you have six onions left that you need to use up quickly?

Make caramelised onion pizza of course. I love how caramelised onions cook down. Anyway this pizza was so easy. I used pita bread, put a little pasta sauce on it threw on the caramelized onions, some pine nuts, fresh basil and instant 'cheese' sauce and cooked it in the oven and then when it was ready added some rocket or arugula as the Americans call it, don't you think arugula sounds fancier? I have started calling it arugula because I like the word so much and it annoys Mr T :-)

This week we picked up a $40 box from the food co-op. There is so much in it and it is quite different from the first box we picked up. Is it wrong that I was quite excited by this image:


Theresa said...

That is a *sexy* box of produce, if I've ever seen one.

And I love pita pizza! It's such a simple, yummy meal.

Claire said...

I would be excited too. I am crazy about peaches at the moment. Looks like you have quite a few in there.

Hope you are enjoying Black Books :)

kathryn said...

Great looking vegie box. Is the big bunch of green stuff kale? I do love seasonal vegie boxes - it's always exciting to see what you've got. Where's the food co-op in Melbourne?