Friday, February 01, 2008

Vegan savoury muffins?

Has anyone seen any vegan savoury muffins recipes anywhere? What is the American word for muffins?


Vegetation said...

I was on the look out for some last year. All I managed to find were one's full of cheese and bacon (blech). I eventually decided to try and veganize some cheese herb muffins. They were the most revolting thing I'd ever cooked I think. Good luck! If you find some, I'm interested!

(I'm pretty sure American's call them muffins too)

Theresa said...

Still muffins, though I'd never heard of savoury muffins until I moved to oz. I think they might not be big in america. You could try searching 'savory' instead of savoury...?

kristy said...

Theresa, I just realised the different spelling. I think your right about it not being big in the US.

Vegetation, I still haven't found any, but I will keep an eye out. I guess I could try to veganise the cheese ones but veganising baking items is a bit too big of a challenge for me.

Erin said...

savoury Muffin Break-type muffins = savory muffins or just muffins (U.S.)

muffins similar in size/shape to crumpets and sold near sliced bread here = "English muffins" (U.S.)

Why didn't you just ask Erin in the first place? :)

Also, what Aussies call scones are what the Yanks call biscuits, but we usually eat them with savoury stuff, i.e. gravy.

Cindy said...

I just had a thought along Erin's lines... what about savoury scones? Tonight I'll be publishing a non-vegan recipe for them. They should work just as well subbing in vegan margarine and soy milk. Get rid of the cheese and try adding some chopped herbs, olives, nuts etc.

Perhaps it's too late for your original purpose, but they might be worth a try some other time. :-)