Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pets and Veg*nism

I remember one vegan telling me that she decided to go vegan after her cat died. At the time I thought it was a bit strange but now I struggle to understand how 'animal' lovers can spend time with their furry friends and then turn around and eat another type of animal.

Living with an animal, you quickly discover that they feel pain, sneeze, sleep, and dream just like humans do. They also play and experience grief, happiness and sadness. Plus they develop a relationship with you and express affection and even anger or revenge with you. My neighbour explained how her cat has peed on her beanbag twice in several years of living with her. The first time after her partner teased the cat. The second time after she went away for the weekend and didn't get someone to look after her.

You also discover that they are not all the same and have their own personalities, and behaviours. BB couldn't be more different form Molly. I'm sure BB thinks she is a dog probably because she has been raised form a young age with a dog and developed a relationship with it. Not only does she wag her tail but she often sleeps like a dog too. Unlike Molly she's confident and shows off. BB is also quite naughty and has eaten through two packs of nutritional yeast and scratched my face a tiny bit. She jumps to super high lengths, the other day she jumped up to the window above my shower. While Molly loved to knead BB likes to give you little kisses on your face when you are giving her lots of cat patting time.

Plus animals are super cute.

Still not convinced, how about some facts:
  • Pigs like dogs are friendly, and loyal. However, pigs are smarter than dogs and thought to be smarter than 3 yr old human children.
  • Despite what many people think fish do feel pain.
  • Cows like humans are quite diverse. Some are slow and aggressive while others are highly intelligence and considerate.
  • Cows develop friendships over time, hold grudges against other cows and choose leaders based on intelligence.
  • Chickens are inquisitive and are thought to be just as intelligent as cats, dogs and primates.
For more info about animals go here: you can select on the right hand side which animal you want to find out about.

Here are a few more pics of BB, they are not the greatest but she doesn't like the camera and I can't use the flash, I love her blue eyes:


Theresa said...

She is a beautiful cat, and this is a beautiful post. Nacho is *such* an individual, and it throws Andy off because she's so different from the cats he had growing up.

I think that companion animals are a great source of inspiration for vegans, much like a trip to a farm sanctuary for those lucky enough to be near them (I think there's one in rural VIC, called Edgar's mission, have you been?).

kristy said...

Thanks Theresa!

I haven't been yet, but plan to go check it out soon.