Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday treats

It was my birthday this week, and the night before my birthday I got a knock on our door and opened it to two of our friends: Bec and Craig who gave me these amazing cat cookies. They were all decorated differently, there is one that read happy birthday, and if you look close enough you might even see the poop cat. They made 28 because thats how old I turned.

They also made a giant Button cookie, don't you think it looks like her?

It was one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts I have ever received. The only problem is that they are too cute too eat.

We went out for breakfast on my birthday to Bomb Cafe and shared the two vegan breakfast options that I had read about on Lidia's blog over a year ago.

Vegan Fry Up (caramelised red onion, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and avocado on toast)

Scrambled tofu with pototaes

It was all super tasty and cheap too. I think the prices were between $7.50-$9.50 (roughly).

The scrambled tofu was possibly the best scrambled tofu I have ever had. It was savoury but slightly sweet and was served with caramalised onions and mushrooms on yummy crusty sourdough bread. It reminded me a little of soulfood scrambled tofu but it was even better. The potatoes was an extra that we added on and went perfectly with it and the fry up options added some variety so it is worthwhile sharing the two. Mr T was also pleased with the coffee and it is a cute little cafe with good selection of magazines like Frankie so will be back again!

Bomb Cafe
229 Johnston St

P.S: there is more edible birthday treats to come!


Minta said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to yoooouuuu!

I love so cats! What awesome friends. Hang on to those ones. :)

Mandee said...

Happy B'day! Those kitty cookies are an awesome gift, esp. the Button cookies!

And Bomb Cafe sounds great, I don't think I've ever had caramelised onion with a brekky fry up, but it sounds delish!

Theresa said...

Happy belated birthday! Those cat cookies are amazing! And the breakfasts look great too.

steph said...

Happy birthday! How great are those cats?