Sunday, March 01, 2009

Raw Potluck

On Sat we went to a raw potluck. I really enjoyed having a themed potluck for a change and the raw theme definitely was challenge to think about as I have never made anything raw besides salads. In the end though I couldn't decide on a dessert and liked the look of several dessert recipes I found online.I couldn't resist the ferrero rawchers. I found that the mixture that goes inside the ferrero rawchers was really bitter when I followed the recipe so I ended up adding a fair bit more agave and then some rice syrup but it was still slightly bitter, I wonder if it was the raw hazelnuts. I was however really impressed with the coating, it really did act and look like melted chocolate without any heating. Also the handful of nuts that the recipe asked to put in the coating didn't seem to be enough but they were quite yummy.

Mr T was set on making zucchini noodles after trying and loving ones we had at continental house in hepburn springs, so we made Ani's zucchini ribbons with a tomato based sauce. We don't have a mandolin or a spiralizer though so it was quite tedious peeling 4 large zucchinis.The sauce was a little watery though and not as full as flavour as we would have liked. I wouldn't mind trying the zucchini noodles with pesto though.

Pip make these Delicious tuna salad wraps

There was a juice/smoothie bar set up where you could make your own juice/smoothie combinations.

This was Cindy's delicious lime pie (which I had a better pic).

The hosts made this yummy nut cheeze with broccoli.

Bec made these. They might not look pretty but were amazing pecan fudgy deliciousness.

This was Jo's gado gado.

I'm not sure what this was called but it was Craig's date/nut trail mix type dessert

Craig also made these salad boats with a yummy nutty sauce. I'm not a big fan of salads but these were fun to eat.

I was pleasantly surprised by how great everything tasted and how full I become. Although probably my biggest criticism of the raw experiment was how dependent most of the dishes seem to be on nuts and how many recipes I found online that asked for a dehydrater, mandolin, spiraliser or juicer. I might give some of the simpler raw recipes a try in the future though.


lisa said...

Ah, looks awesome - another one I was sorry to miss. The juice bar is so appealing, why don't I have one of these in my house? Why, why?

Miss T said...

I was also devo to have missed ... I was just reading baout it at Pip's too and I am very sad to have missed yours and Mr T's creations, and also the mock tuna wraps. Boo!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what an amazing spread of raw deliciousness! I would have loved to sample everything! I wish I could organize something like that at my place!

Mandee said...

Looks like a fun raw pot luck! I was using a veggie peeler to make my zucchini pasta too, I don't mind it but then I saw a spiral slicer on ebay that was cheap so I snapped it up.

I want to try the ferrero rawchers!