Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bread Machine

I got a bread machine for xmas and only just got around to using it. I was so excited and purchased the wholemeal bread mixture from coles. I followed the instructions on my george foreman bread maker and the ones on the mixture box but it sucked. It was moist in the inside and tasted like soap and didn't look properly cooked. Any one have any tips on making bread?


cristy said...

Don't use the packet mix.

Just use really good quality bread flour, yeast, water, salt and a bit of olive oil. The machine probably came with some recipes.

If all else fails - use the machine to knead the dough and then bake it in the oven.

Good luck!

Mandee said...

I agree, I didn't have much luck with our bread machine. The first time we pressed the wrong setting and the next time it just didn't feel cooked through. And I was using Orgran's gf mixes.

So I took to mixing it in the bread machine and then pouring it into a pan and baking it in the oven.

I haven't used it in months, I should try it again.

steph said...

I'm getting lots of success doing it all by hand!

Theresa said...

We haven't had any problems with our bread maker, and we use the packet mix. Did you have the settings right? On ours we have to choose the weight of the loaf, the colour of the crust, and the setting. Maybe try a darker crust setting, and a little bit less water? What kind of bread maker is it, anyways? Mine came with a good troubleshooter, if you want I can copy it and email it next week.

The best way we've found it to measure the ingredients and then look inside the breadmaker after two or three minutes to see if it needs more of anything. We often have to add more water. (Also, you may have to get scales to properly measure!!)

As for the soapy taste... that may be the mix (but I've never tasted soap and we use Laucke) or maybe you need to wash your pan and rinse it REALLY well?

A said...

I don't know anything at all about bread machines, but happened to notice at the ppk forums that you are trying to find vegan bloggers from Helsinki - you're welcome to visit ours!

Anni said...

I just accidentally left that latest comment without the link to our blog, sorry - here it is!