Thursday, September 24, 2009

If this was your box, what would you make?

We get a box of organic fruit and veg box through a local food co-op for $25, it's pretty good value for money and varies each week. Here is our box for the week.

It has 2 bunches of asparagus, pumpkin, carrots, celery, zucchini, snow peas, oranges, tangelos, bananas, and kiwi fruit.

I'm feeling uninspired food wise this week, apart from the need to make more sausages. If this was your box, what would you make?


Susan said...

I too am uninspired. Though asparagus always makes me want to roast it with garlic. Nom! And maybe roast and puree the pumpkin to make some pumpkin baked goods - yum!

lisa said...

I would whip it all up into a single super-smoothie and drink it all in one hit.

I would!

Really I would!!

(PS - think I need to get back into the food co-op action. I miss bulk organic veggies.)

Rose said...

I would make Roast veggies with salad and vege soup! and with the bananas put them with sugar, cinnamon and margarine in the oven and serve with icecream mmmm :)


Cindy said...

We haven't got asparagus yet, but if we did I'd make VeganYumYum's asparagus and white bean pesto tart. We have received heaps of celery and I'll be repeating my gratin with celery and spinach, I think.

Johanna said...

when I am uninspired I usually make a soup - I would be tempted to make risotto with the pumpkin and or apsaragus but the suggestions of roasted veg sounds good - they would be great on a pizza or in a soup or a dip

kristy said...

Thanks for all of your suggestions, It gives me something to work with.