Monday, September 07, 2009

We recently rode to ceres for breakfast. Ceres is positioned right next to the gorgeous merri creek bike track.
Ceres stands for center for education and research on environmental strategies. It is pronounced "series". There is a cafe there, small nursery, market on sat, community garden and much more. It really does feel a lot like a hippy place, but I love it.

Anyway this is for Aussie/NZ vegan mofo (month of food) so I better get to the food. We shared an almond muffin:

Pumpkin, tofu and miso rolland vegan breakfast which contained toast, mushrooms, spinach, smoked tofu, baked beans, and beetroot and chili relish. The smoked tofu was definitely my fav part, but I really enjoyed the beetroot relish too.

It was all delicious, and I especially enjoyed the vegan breakfast but at $17 it's pretty expensive for breakfast and really not that big for it's price.

Ceres cafe
Corner roberts and stewarts st
East brunswick
9387 2609


Anonymous said...

Hi, That does look good. Thanks for the photos.

Vaala said...

That bike track looks gorgeous - love how you've got the sun streaming through the trees in your photo :)

Food looks delicious too of course!

Theresa said...

That looks like a lovely place to have breakfast, but it's a shame about the price! said...

Mmmm I love a good vegan breakfast, I've blogged about a couple of places in Brighton but a new one has popped up that I hope to give a try soon.

lisa said...

I didn't realise they did a vegan breakfast, I hardly go there because I thought their vegan options were pretty limited. Thanks for the tip, will have to check it out again.

Mandee said...

Ceres looks like a nice place to visit and I would love one of those almond muffins. Shame about it being a bit exy.

I'm Philippa O said...

you should go on saturday morning for their organic market - such amazing produce and a lot of it is grown on site. each item also has a little card that tells you how many miles it's travelled to get there. tim and i get almost all our garden stuff from their nursery

steph said...

I love their smoked tofu, it is so delicious.

I want to try that sausage roll!

Amy said...

Yummy looking! But yeah, that's hella expensive