Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tart N Round

I took Mr T to Tart N Round last night. It's now open Friday and Sat nights and has grown quite a bit since I first blogged about it.

I had a delicious, thick strawberry milkshake, which was really filling

and a burrito, with bean/rice chili which just had the right amount of kick to it, lettuce and creamy guacamole.

Mr T had the lasagna which I blogged about last time.

But I think where this place really stands out is it's amazing variety of vegan and gluten free desserts. I was super full but shared a scoop of double chocolate ice cream. It rocked my world, seriously! Soft unlike most soy ice cream almost like soft serve, creamy with lovely dark chocolate flakes in it. If I could marry an ice cream it would be this:

We didn't have room left in our bellies but I couldn't resist getting a piece of black forest cake for take away. It was beautiful to look out (before it went in a take away container) and had really nice cherry and chocolate and "cream" layers. I know where I am getting my birthday cake next year!

The guys who run this cafe are really nice and friendly and also gave us a tiny bit of their choc mint mudcake to try, it was super rich and gave me a really nice sugar buzz.

I don't think there is another place in Melbourne that can compete with this place in terms of vegan desserts. and everything is gluten free too so people like Lena can enjoy everything. They have so many other desserts too including vegan fudge, choc peppermint crisp and lots more.

I was a little sad that this new vegan cafe was virtually empty, the cafe has a nice feel but I guess not many people know about it yet. So go and show it some vegan gluten free love and enjoy the amazing desserts!

Tart N Round

839 High St
Tue- Thu 9-5
Fri- Sat: 9- late
Sun 9-5



Susan said...

Yum! If this place was near me, I would certainly be showing it some vegan love.

steph said...

Oh, we have to wait for the return of one of our penguins! If we didn't, I would totally take D there for dinner tonight! Perhaps lunch tomorrow... I want that lasagna so much! I bet it's delicious.

Rose said...

oh gosh that blackforest cake looks amazing!!
Certainly looks like a place i will have to check out next time I go to Melbourne.


Theresa said...

Those desserts look incredible. said...

That cake looks totally awesome!

Mandee said...

I want that ice cream and slice of cake! I have heard such good things about Tart N Around, they are on my Must Visit List!

Vaala said...

That cafe sounds seriously awesome...wish it was near me 'cause that is one impressive slice of cake!

lisa said...

It was empty when I was there too. Blogger outing?