Sunday, June 19, 2005

I drank some mulled wine and ate very little (just some fries) at the The Collingwood Children's Farm annual Winter Solstice Bonfire tonight.

So of course when I turn the corner on the way home and see the booze bus I knew straight away that I was going to be convicted for drink driving.

My heart started beating incredibly fast and I'm amazed at what went through my mind in the next a minute or two in which I drove through to the officer waiting for me at the end.

  • is there any way to suddenly turn now? Without causing suspicion?
  • Please wave me through-there are plenty of overs to pull over. He motions for me to go through the second last officer- bastard!
  • with my small body, and only a little food I'm definitely over the limit, i should have waited longer before driving home.
  • why didn't i eat more food? I am dead. I haven't even had much water. What was i thinking?
  • this will mean a fine, losing my license I can't afford either, not to mention the shame. f#@*!!!!!!!!!
  • is there anyway to get out of here now?- i don't think so they always fail in the movies, and then isn't even a movie
  • woman officer please please please be nice to me
  • waiting for the question- did you drink tonight? ready to answer just one and then hopefully she will say i will let you off this time since u are only a little over the limit and u did drink only one
  • pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeee be nice to me
    no question just breath in to this-my heart is pounding now- so this is what anxiety feels like
  • it beeps oh noooooo where is she going to direct me to now? who will i call? what will they think? I never even drink and i'm the one to be convicted of drink driving for one drink. One bloody drink.
  • Who will pick me up? oh god my mother, no she will die of a heart attack. Erin? hopefully she's still awake. Please be awake Erin, or maybe I could call Marisa, or Jerome -no he is still awake but drinking too, Dan, someone else but my mother.

    She looks at it for what seems like forever and says 'your right to go' , what? I'm below the limit? with my heart still beating incredibly fast I drive away.

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