Friday, June 10, 2005

Ok so I might be a vegan and try to be as independent as possible but I do meet one little problem:


I would call it a phobia but technically it’s not irrational since the spider may be dangerous, right?

I'm scared enough though to not be able to get close enough to remove the small ones so I rely on someone else to remove it for me. I'm not fussed if they kill it or take it outside, yes so much for trying to reduce suffering, but the way I see it its self defence. Pathetic I know!

Anyway last night I'm sitting at my computer in my room typing away at my statistics assignment about to hop into bed when I realise there is a spider on the wall above my bed. Considering it was 1.30am I had no other choice but to find some where else to sleep. I further justify to myself that my sisters bed seems like a good idea, I mean why does a teenager need a double bed anyway?

I hopped into her bed and she of course woke up, I mentioned to her there is a spider in my room, and she responded with 'ok but bring your own pillow'. So I returned with the pillow and my phone (my alarm clock) she then said to me 'give me your phone' and she placed it on the charger which is on her side of the bed.

I'm not sure which is more pathetic:

a) running to my little sister (who is 10 years younger than me)
b) her lack or response because she knows how much of a coward I am
c) her comforting me

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