Monday, June 27, 2005

I was thinking the other day that perhaps Australia doesn't need to bring in laws allowing employers to fire staff for not wearing make up, since Johnny is getting rid of the unfair dismissal law for some of the not so lucky. It's a strange day indeed when I agree with church leaders.

Providing the company has less than 100 employees they can fire you for whatever reason they like-make up no make up, anything they like really.

The sad thing is appears as if the law will hurt those who need it the most: unskilled labourers, many migrants, long-term unemployed, and women.

Interesting point made by Samantha King about how it is all well and good for our dear prime minister to tell women to have more babies. Not to mention the more recent not so subtle shove of women sorry single mothers back into the workplace. Then they go ahead and remove a law which could potentially mean working mothers are fired because they can't commit to meetings or working back late because of child care responsibilities, AND are unable to contest it. I can just see it now, single mother back at work part time perhaps 9-3 nice (very hard to find hours- which fit around school hours), the boss though says 'we need you to work back afterwards today'. 'Sorry I can't i have to pick up little bobby from school' - hmmmm wonder where that may lead. See here for more on how the change may affect women.

Good one Johnny!

I'm yet to meet someone who voted for the guy, well at least anyone who admits to it. But then again it could be just that my friends, fellow students, lecturers and just those in my general circles have a little more sense or perhaps just a little more compassion.

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