Sunday, June 26, 2005

No thats not me! Its Kitty (Mr Ts friend). In fact the photo is not taken by me all, but by Mr T but well I'm too lazy to find all my Honky photos and I thought this was suitable considering...

I left Hong Kong a year ago today

leaving behind a teaching job which I loved

perhaps the cutest and certainly some of the more well behaved kids in the world

my ultra convenient apartment in Causeway Bay

far too many neon lights most of which I thankfully couldn't understand

a certain buzz

some great budget shopping places

a very nice lifestyle (eating out far too much, having my washing done for me....)

some bad bad bad pollution


walking everywhere (as opposed to driving everywhere)

some very rude people or just far too much blatant honesty (ie- 'kristy you have a pimple on your face'-ummmm yeah thanks)

way too many workaholics

some friends

and of course: My Man!

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