Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have amazing friends


I'm going to Hong Kong

I couldn't decide on a title but I figure I could have two, hell it’s my blog and I’ll cry/ title as I want to.

I made a very brave, very exciting and somewhat irresponsible decision to take a holiday to Hong Kong in a few weeks. Its brave and slightly irresponsible because I'm extremely poor and should be saving and slightly in debt and blah blah blah.

But your only young once and as it is I've been working my butt off with uni and work. I deserve a break, a reward, a chance to see the place I have been missing so much, not to mention Mr T.

Mr Ts evil boss has said no to leave (an answer only received yesterday after months of waiting), but it will be worth it to see him in the evenings. Besides I'm sure I can occupy myself during the day, hmm did some one say something about shopping?

The opportunity came through the most amazing website and my very sweet friend Emily who has very kindly allowed me to stay at her place for half a dozen nights. Which leads me to my other title: if it weren't for Emily this time and Erin last time I don't think we could ever see each other at all, well at least not the 10 day trips we can afford at the moment. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

It’s amazing how you have crappy, raining, cold days where nothing goes right then all in one evening everything changes. For some reason both Erin and I have had a great afternoon/evening after a few bad days.

Thank you universe for sending me some great news in the dry well rainy spell!

Now I actually feel motivation to finish those two assignments (one 5,000 word one) which are due the day after I leave.

Anyone have any suggestions of any unique Melbourne/Australian gifts (read: not touristy or tacky) to bring to my old HK friends?


Anonymous said...

yey!!! for going to HK!

Anonymous said...

and that was me, emma...