Monday, September 12, 2005

Bringing vegan junk food to a blog near you

There is a vegan woman at my local health food store who has been introducing me to all sorts of new vegan products. I walked in there the other day buying hand cream and walked out with an extra three items. My fav of the week is this one:

Orgran are perhaps my new fav brand. These biscuits rock, as do the other flavours: amaretti and lemon poppy seed. They are also not too bad money wise, are gluten free and come in a zip lock bag.

She also showed me a few of their other good items: Orgran Chocolate Mousse Mix, and muffin mixs. I might actually start baking again.

My other fav junkfood item of the month has got to be tofutti vanilla almond bark. About friggin time we had their tubs in australia. Thanks Erin for introducing it to me.

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