Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The drummer's hand after the pillable show (from Alok's 31G)

Why Native English Speakers are sometimes arrogant fuckers

Most of us only speak one language-English and sometimes not so well (i can vouch for that!).

Many travel to other countries where English is not commonly spoken and try to speak English only to get annoyed when they can't communicate back-what a big surprise! Even sadder when this is happening and you are in a non english speaking city and the person on the receiving end of the abuse is apologising for not speaking good english (witnessed in a few parts of asia).

And then when someone is attempting to speak English in our country we either tease them, laugh or the worst thing possible start to raise our voice and talk to them to in a patronising/angry manner. I have seen this over half a dozen times in the last week. Just try for once to slow down and have a tiny amount of patience it might prove more successful than shouting at them like they are deaf.

They are trying to speak a second or perhaps third or fourth language and rather than appreciate the effort, many get annoyed, and even angry and start to spew out comments like 'he/she/they can't even speak English' to others. However generally that comment is made about someone who is speaking English, its just imperfect and/or slow.

Get over yourself arrogant fuckers you can speak English most probably because you were born and raised here (or there), so what?

Stop giving the rest of us decent native English speakers a bad name!

To those of you who are attempting to speak english if you are being treated like that from someone while they are at their workplace (shop, restaurant, etc) make a complaint to their supervisor. Its the only hope to get the message through to them, and even if doesn't they will hopefully get into trouble for it.


tugboatcaptain said...

right on!

Harmonia said...

Hello again! Thanks, as always for the comments! I added 3 more short posts today you might find interesting...or not, but I thought I would mention it :) LOL

purpleelephant said...

Hi there!
Great blog
Welcome to Veggie Blogs. I have added your blog to the ring and to the blogroll over at the veggie blogs site.
Hope you will find the time to come and visit us!

lah lah said...

Hi K!
U're so right! I always try to grasp a phase or two when I'm traveling to non-English speaking places such as Korea, Japan or even Thailand. The locals just LOVE you when you try to speak their language!

Harmonia said...

Thanks for your comments. :) Glad I am not the only one that feels that way. I hope your weekend was nice.