Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sometimes i feel like i have a gene missing:

the ohhhhhhhhhhh wedding dress shopping fantasy

I hate wedding dress shopping!

Perhaps because I want something slightly different:

not white (that includes ivory)

not strapless

not huge

and not expensive

But I do want something that has a train (i'm not really sure why, but for some reason its the one thing traditonal wedding dress part that I like).

I started looking recently because I know it will take me a while, and so far the only one I have found is overseas which means getting it send. What do you think? Too risky?


claire said...

I've bought a few clothing articles from overseas sites and had them sent over and haven't had any trouble (except for once when they sent a wrong size t-shirt). I guess there's a little risk involved, and if it doesn't fit right you might have to get alterations which are a hassle. But if you really like it, it might be worth going for it....if you're like me, I hate going from shop to shop to freakin shop trying to find something which is not dominated by whatever tacky current fashion is littering the clothing racks at the time.

And good on you for not being traditional in your choices :)

kristy said...

Thanks claire!

Somehow I only just discovered the world of online shopping, which seems crazy considering I have been a geek for quite a while.

I'm addicted to ebay at the moment and just won my first purchase- a 'new' matador compilation cd. Although I learned the hard way that you probably shouldn't bid til the last minute-ohhps!

I'm considering purchasing a few other music items too (including a bright eyes poster and a t shirt).