Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ian Lubek visited my small time blog and left a comment here.

At first I was excited and extremely flattered but then I realised he probably found the entry through googling his name (who hasn't done it?).

Sadly though if you do google his name (depending on the country preference) -my blog is quite high up on the list on entries.

Too high. This man, and his cause deserve more attention! Particularly when he is trying to use the media to shame the beer companies into being more responsible in Cambodia as well as spreading the word amongst consumers.

If you haven't already go and read the post or better yet read more at one of the below sites:

Cambodia-HIV/Aids Research
Fairtrade Beer

Btw, I've switched to Icebeer, its cheap and not bad as far as beer goes (although I must admit that i'm more of a wine/cider/spirits girl anyway).


Also thanks to sourduck i discovered bloglines.

Instead of having to check individually who has update their blogs, i just check bloglines and it tells me. Perfect!


tugboatcaptain said...
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Melinda Casino said...

Hi Kristy -

Thanks for this and your other post from May, I wasn't aware of "Heinousken's" treatment of its employees. Great job reporting this on your blog.

RE: Ian Lubek - nice when someone you write about pops in at your blog, isn't it? :)