Sunday, September 18, 2005

What's in a blog name?

Somehow the name of my blog become the topic of conversation amongst a couple of my friends and surprisingly a few interpretations of my blog name (the bluerthanpink part) were given.

I'm interested in hearing how others interpret it before I reveal what its all about.


tugboatcaptain said...

Is it the name of a song?
Is it lyrics?

-A. said...

I feel like a trap has been laid, and we are all about to fall in it!

By inkling about 'BluerThanPink' is that it is based on old fashioned associations between colour and gender, with pink as feminine and blue as masculine. To acknowledged that these associations exist is not to validate them, of course, but to simply understand them as short-hand references to gender.

Okay, given that connection, what does it mean to be 'Bluer Than Pink'? On this, I don't really know, but my hunch is that it refers to the author of the blog having a blue approach (read, more masculine) rather than a pink approach (read, more feminine). Just what it means to be 'more masculine' or 'more feminine' is highly subjective.

Another possible reading is that the author is rejecting the 'pink' view of the world, which I read as a very stereotyped, passive, cutesy, submissive version of womanhood. And if so, then all power to her!

kristy said...

Theres no trap!

You just started something in terms of the conversation.

I hadn't really thought about how other perceived the name before.

ann said...

Is it perhaps a referring to an emotional state? As in 'feeling blue', or about physical health - 'in the pink?'

Or is it a veiled reference to the shade of purple that you prefer? More blue, less pink.

shamash said...

My understanding of your blog name is the same as -A's: "the author of the blog having a blue approach (read, more masculine) rather than a pink approach (read, more feminine)"

I find the name intriquing. Can't wait to hear what YOUR interpretation of your blog name is! :-)