Thursday, March 09, 2006

The big questions.

In honor of blog against sexism, Hugo is asking the following questions. While I am home sick from work I thought i would attempt it rather than feel sorry for myself.

1. What are three ways in which I (you) am (are) working to end sexism in your personal life and in the broader world?

2. What are three ways in which I (you) am (are) continuing to "fall short of the mark" in terms of embodying your ideals?

Ok, here are my attempts at answers.

1.1 By remaining conscious of the stereotypes around house work and fighting to remove them within my partnership with Mr T. Yes I do cook more mostly because I enjoy it. But he doesn't expect that I will cook for him and there is always appreciation when I do with a 'thanks for dinner'. I also don't expect that he maintains sterotypical male tasks within and outside the household: eg: fixing things, changing my tires etc. Most of what we do is actually together, if I am cooking he will play chefs assistant and help cut up and prepare everything, if he washes the dishes i dry and we do the grocery shopping together. It makes housework a lot more enjoyable.

1.2 By failing to contribute further to everyday conversations about women's beauty. She is good looking, no she's ugly, I hate that .... In attempts to stop the constant emphasis on female beauty in place of female intelligence, humour, creativity, kindness, humanity.

1.3 I'm really struggling for a third one but here goes: By blogging and reading and linking to some amazing bloggers i'm constantly trying to alert myself and at least a few others to various issues around sexism.


2.1 I tend to keep my mouth shut more than I think I should. Sometimes because I am tired of arguing and sometimes because I am so pessimistic that I think it's just a waste of time because the type of people I might argue with won't listen anyway. This of course does not help the cause.

2.2 I wish i could do more for sexism particularly on a broader scale, but like many others I don't know how or what within a pretty packed timetable.

2.3 While I refuse adopt some practices that culturally as a woman I am expected to adopt (eg: wear uncomfortable high heels, make up except for special occasions) I feel compelled to do some things which are unnecessary but expected of women ONLY such as shaving my legs, and armpits. Trivial, perhaps but there is really no reason for it, except for conformity.

Now how about your answers?

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