Monday, March 13, 2006

Box Hill and Chinese food

Firstly it is wrong that I go from a string of posts about sexism to food?

Mr T and I are pretty multicultural when it comes to food. I like to think its because of me. The aussie in me that is. The other day I said something about baklava and he said to me 'how do you know about all these foods?' 'I'm Australian' I replied. Of course not all aussies agree with me here. Some would prefer to stick to their 3 veg and meat and never step outside their comfort zone, so boring and people say my diet is restrictive!

There is however one thing that he keeps introducing me to food wise, more and more different types of Chinese food. Not the western style versions of Chinese food! For example, here in Australia we have something called a dim sim which is sold in most Chinese restaurants. Its not Chinese. Its Australian, an Australian Chinese man invented them a while ago. See here A sore point with Mr T.

On sat we went to box hill for yum cha at Asian Vegetarian Restaurant (yes original name). Boy how I miss yum cha! It was so great even though they had actually sold out of turnip cake- my fav. If anyone knows where to get vegetarian turnip cake closer to the city please tell me, I have had a craving for it since he introduced me to it back in june/july last year. Anyway, back to yum cha. It was amazing and cooked fresh, a big rarity for yum cha and very cheap. I strongly recommend the BBQ 'pork' buns and their taro dumplings. We then walked around box hill which made both Mr T and I feel like we were both back in HK because of the large Chinese population, even the stares are back when I hold his hand. We then went to a market only to discover all these different Chinese foods we have missed, including: red beans, mushroom fluff (??-Mr T's), a macau brand of almond cookies, and so much more. As we speak he is making red bean soup. Red bean soup is a dessert soup and very yummy although everyone here seems to scared to try it.

We then finished off the day in Box hill with a green bean icee from one of those bubble top places.

On the way back, I said to him maybe we should move to Box Hill, unfortunately he is not so fond of the idea.

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