Friday, March 24, 2006


I found + made a design a like.

It is staying like this for a while since it took me so long to adjust the colours alone.


Melinda Casino said...

Fantastic design! Very retro and fun.


claire said...

this design is very cool indeed! happy birthday and I hope you had a great night!

tekanji said...

Very nice. Although I might put some padding on the edge of your main table; it's distracting to have your text hit the edge.

kristy said...

Thanks SD, and claire.

Tekanji, are you talking abotu the headings 'navigation' and 'previously' hitting the edge? If so, I was thinking about reducing the font size just a little I don't think it needs to be so big.

tekanji said...

Yeah, I think it's a good idea to try that first; it's possible that they're breaking the width of the navigation element. If not, you'll need to check into the amount of padding you're using for the edges.

Good luck with that :)

cristy said...

I like the new design. Very fun and easy to read.