Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I can't stand the acid reflux diet

perhaps the most stuggling things to omit from my diet are: onions, garlic, and tomatos.

Other things to avoid include lemons, oranges, chilli, Peppermint, Chocolate, and fried foods.

Lunch and breakfast are fine but I struggle for ideas for dinner.

Any suggetions?

I am deteremined to be better by the weekend.


cristy said...

No tomatoes, onions, garlic or chilli makes things tough.

What about:
- a stir fry with leek and ginger;
- a spring vegetable soup;
- a miso soup with kelp;
- mushroom, pumpkin and spinach risotto; or
- a roast vegetable salad?

A macrobiotic food recipe book (or some free recipies online) should come in handy since they don't eat onions or garlic or chilli...

Good luck.

cristy said...

Oops, forgot that you hate mushrooms. Make that a pumpkin and spinach risotto...

ケリオ said...

Interesting Recipes!

Oh yes, regarding the "Dim Sum" - the "Dimmy" is Aussie, but "Dim Sum" means "titbit" in Cantonese (Lit : Dot Heart), and it originated from China. "Yum Cha" Means "Drink Tea" in Cantonese too. These 2 terms were made famous in Canton, hence the common affiliation with the dialect. Chinesemen were eating "Dim Sum" and inviting each other to go "Yum Cha" since a very very very long time ago.

Boring Chinese Lecture, I know, but thought you might be interested :)

kristy said...

christy thanks for the suggestions, its crazy i make most of those things, but mention no garlic, chilli, onions and tomatos and all I can think about are recipes that include them.

kerio, no it was interesting. I knew about yum cha from my beginner cantonese classes last year. I've also wondered about dim sum though.

cristy said...

I know what you mean. When I sat down to think about it, I kept thinking: pasta, paella, minestrone, etc... Its like the whole concept of 'not thinking of an elephant'.

Pearl said...

For me, relaxing lowers acid. taking bread, especially with cheese on the stomach before any fruit or acid thing avoids reflux.

Virginie said...

If you want, I've got a substitute for tomato sauce :
4 carrots
1/2 betteroot
Provence herbs
1/2 dessertspoon Umeboshi (if you can't find, try rhubarb purée instead, if it isn't too acid for you)
a little bit of olive oil

Steam the carrot and beetroot,then mix them with the other ingredients.
Usually I add fried onions and garlic, but on my cookbook, I read you can omit them. So, maybe it can be ok for you.
What about a vegan pâté with bread ? Or a pasta dish.
Good luck.

kristy said...

virginie, that sounds nice will try it! I love beetroot!

pearl, i've also found bread helpful.