Sunday, November 05, 2006

I want a bento

I've been getting lost in all the great bento flickr accounts: the vegan bento pool and mr bento 'porn' pool and bento boxes pool. It all started from the aussie lunch matters blog (the aussie couple who sell 'laptop lunch packs and will sell 'Vegan Lunch Box' cookbook). That lead to lunch matters flickr pool
which then lead to all of the above flickr accounts.

I also discovered more bento blogs too: here and here and here

Mr T thinks they are a waste of money and I won't use it. I'm hoping it will encourage me to eat more variety for lunch. Although it will require quite a lot more effort. As most dinners I make consist of one bowl meals, and lunch consists of leftovers of the one bowl meal from the night before.

The problem is I want a stainless steel one with no plastic.

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cristy said...

Me too!

I just asked for a Laptop Lunchbox for my birthday actually, even though I work from home.

I must be honest - mostly it is because I have fantasies of making fun vegan lunches for our as-yet-to-be-born child... I blame hormones for this.